Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update on Glass - not a lawyer

I mentioned this guy wanting to become a California lawyer, and now David Plotz writes in Slate:
Stephen Glass Should Be a Lawyer

The California Supreme Court’s cruel, self-righteous decision to reject the disgraced journalist’s bar application.

Stephen Glass, the disgraced New Republic journalist, and once my friend, lied to me most of the times we spoke. My wife Hanna Rosin was one of his closest confidantes at the New Republic, and he played her for a fool, too, and even tried to get her to defend his lies to the magazine's editor. In The Fabulist, the dreadful, self-justifying novel Glass wrote a couple of years after his disgrace, he depicted the Hanna-like character as conniving, sleazy, and disloyal, and the Hanna-like character’s husband as even worse.

So, needless to say, I don’t like Steve. And I don’t trust Steve.  

Even so, today’s California Supreme Court decision denying him admission to the California bar is misguided and cruel, a verdict that embodies what is wrong with American law. The Supreme Court spends 35 smug, self-righteous pages finding him morally unfit to be a lawyer in California. His “turpitude” required him to show overwhelming evidence of rehabilitation, but the court found his apologies self-interested, his confessions incomplete, and his pro bono work insufficient. Lawyers must be utterly devoted to “honesty,” the justices assert — a claim that only lawyers could make about law with a straight face — and Glass isn’t. ...

The Supreme Court also worries that Glass would fabricate documents and deceive clients, a bizarre and backward conclusion. The very first thing anyone knows about Glass is that he was a liar and a fraud. Any judge he appears before will know: This is that lying journalist. ...

Admitting Stephen Glass to the bar would help the people of California who need lawyers.
I have also mentioned Hanna Rosin for writing that men are obsolete and other anti-man rants.

Glass, Plotz, and Rosin are all Jewish. Rosin was born in Israel. Plotz wrote in 2006:
I picked up the Torah in the pew-back, opened it at random, and started reading (the English translation, that is). ...

The founding fathers of the 12 tribes of Israel lie, breach a contract, encourage pagans to convert to Judaism only in order to incapacitate them for slaughter, murder some innocents and enslave others, pillage and profiteer, and then justify it all with an appeal to their sister's defiled honor.
I hate to say it, but a lot of people like to hire Jewish lawyers precisely because they are sleazy and conniving. They will often do things that Christian lawyers will not do. If you want to hire a hit man, then you do not want someone who is queasy about pulling the trigger.

I am not saying that all lawyers and Jews are dishonest, immoral, anti-man, conniving, sleazy, and disloyal. But really, what do you expect? If they disbarred all the creeps, then who would do the legal work?

There are 1000s of terrible child custody decisions in California every year, and the California supreme court never does anything about them. Those justices hurt many more people than Glass did. The pot is calling the kettle black.

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