Thursday, January 02, 2014

Feds looking at outrageous child custody outcomes reports:
Concerned parents were elated this week when a much awaited segue for them to speak came forward as an invitation from the federal government, asking for clarifications on identified problems with child human rights in court, family rights in court and the lack of a uniform structure to respond to child sex abuse investigations, child abuse investigations and placement of children with a parent who is not known to them, has committed crimes against the other parent or is convicted of crimes that put the child at risk in their care.
This appears to be a project of the California Protective Parents Association, and they consist mainly of moms who do not want to share child custody with dads, as long as the moms are making accusations against the dads.

We have an anti-father administration in Washington, and I am not recommending sending your story until I find out more. The story does not give a way to send your story to the feds, but only to some private advocacy organization for screening.

I could not find the invitation from the feds, and only found this:
The Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), in partnership with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), announces the selection of four courts to participate in the Family Court Enhancement Project (FCEP) to improve custody and visitation decision-making for families who have experienced domestic violence. The four courts selected are: Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago, Ill.; Family Court of the State of Delaware; Hennepin County Family Justice Center in Minneapolis, Minn.; and Multnomah County Family Court in Portland, Ore.

“In order to maintain safety for the entire family, it is crucial that judges weigh the dynamics of domestic violence and its impact on both adults and children when making custody and visitation decisions,” said OVW Acting Director Bea Hanson. “Ensuring the safety of domestic violence victims and their children during and after court proceedings is an essential component of the FCEP. This project will provide guidance to courts around the country in implementing proven procedures and practices that keep victims and children safe.”
Reading between the lines, it appears that they want the mom to be able to make domestic violence accusations that lock the dad out of custody and visitation until he proves that he is not a threat. In other words, the man is guilty until proven innocent.


Anonymous said...

This is a waste of time, the federal courts wont allow the federal government to dictate policy on family law to the states for one main reason.

Federal courts are uninterested in hearing family law cases, allowing a federal law would allow federal court action on said law.

Anonymous said...

The FEDS have already done enough damage at the state level and are the main contributor to the family law debacle with the VAWA funding.

Anonymous said...

The courts are so bad. If one parent is a bad parent and makes more money,guess who gets custody. The feds wont help. The children are suffering. The pshycologist are no help at all. They just want your money. You could fight for your children all you want. If you do not have the funds you lose and you are deemed a bad parent.