Tuesday, January 07, 2014

She regretted sending her dad to prison

Here are a couple of bad stories: Nonviolent Parent Spent Year Reuniting Family and this:
“Did Your Father Touch You?”
She’s regretted the lie that sent him to prison ever since.


lisa said...

Some day we will have lie detectors to correct this sort of thing. Until then, this is always going to happen.

The woman though, she needs to figure out how to forgive herself. She was a child. She didnt do anything wrong, her mom did. Its misplaced guilt and I hope she has professionals helping her with it.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Hey Girl! Where is your absolute outrage and sympathy towards the injustice done to this man for the loss of his civil rights and the child for the loss of her father. Because of another malicious mother and overzealous cps worker two innocent peoples lives ha!ve been destroyed. This girl (woman) will live with this guilt her entire life and now has a much higher chance of suicide and/or substance abuse herself. In that event the malicious mother would and should be prosecuted for murder and immediately should have to trade places with the father of her child in that prison. I don't hear the outrage from you for the injustice done to this man and child. Your answer is just stupid and insensative. Are you really willing to believe that some machine in the future is going to sort this out? You should watch the Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report". That may give you some hope in "futuristic technology". Really!? I say we use the law, rules of evidence, juries, and punish malicious mothers for perjury with a few life sentences. That should take care of the problem mostly. Nothing is perfect but it is better than what the hell kind of system we have now where this type of story is repeated daily, except for the part where you hear about the malicious mothers being punished (that's because it never happens)