Friday, January 31, 2014

Incognito bullying story continues

The schools and parenting experts have been focused on bullying for several years. My local newspaper has had about 20 stories over the last several months about the stupid Incognito football bullying story, and it continues:
Offensive lineman Jonathan Martin wants to return to the NFL, he said in an interview aired Wednesday where he claimed that racial, aggressive and sexually charged comments all played a role in his departure from the Miami Dolphins.

Martin, who played in college at Stanford, also said he was not the only victim of hazing in the Dolphins' locker room. ...

Among the allegations Martin made in his interview with Dungy:

That teammates directed comments of racial and aggressive nature toward him, as well as sex-related comments about his mother and sister.
Is he kidding? I thought I saw a movie once where an opposing football lineman makes sex-related comments about a player's mother and sister just to distract him. I always thought that was part of the game.

Incognito is actually someone's name, not some sort of euphemism for anonymous bullying. Supposedly his worst offense was to call Martin a "half-nigger".

So how did the Stanford-educated Martin get the idea that after losing his job to a better player, he could get it back by making a sexual harassment charge? From his labor lawyer mom! Fox News reports:
Richie Incognito is fighting back. ...

Incognito's attorneys argued to Wells that Martin’s mother is a prominent attorney with a background in labor law, and that before he left the team, Martin never said he was uncomfortable with the tone of his discussions with Incognito.

In a statement to Fox News, Incognito's attorney Mark Schamel of the law firm of Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, said: "The coarse and unacceptable comments and text messages that were sent to Jonathan Martin were of the same poor taste as those sent by him. All of these communications were provided to Ted Wells and the NFL investigation. What they show is banter between friends, not bullying."

Schamel added: "Jonathan Martin sent text messages to Richie Incognito which included threats to send someone over to Richie Incognito's home with a 'tranquilizer gun and sandpaper condoms' to homosexually rape him. Jonathan Martin sent another that said he would 'kill (Richies’s) whole family.' There was another where Jonathan Martin indicated he would ejaculate in Richie’s face."
Please spare us. I hate to hold anyone accountable for trash talk.

I just want to be able to enjoy the Super Bowl without any of this nonsense. We have two very evenly matched teams from our two leading dope-smoking capitals. The game features a white quarterback against a black one, with the corresponding stereotypes, and studies show such games get the highest ratings:
Race, Football and Television: Explaining the black quarterback effect
Nielsen ratings for ABC’s Monday Night Football are significantly higher when the game involves a black quarterback. In this paper, we consider competing explanations for this surprisingly robust effect. First, quarterback race might proxy for other player or team attributes. Second, black viewership patterns might be sensitive to quarterback race. Third, viewers of all races might be exhibiting a taste for diversity. We use both ratings data and evidence on racial attitudes from the General Social Survey to test these hypotheses empirically. The evidence strongly supports the taste-for-diversity hypothesis, while suggesting some role for black own-race preferences as well.
I wanted to link to the research paper, but found this instead:
The paper "Race, Football and Television: Explaining the Black Quarterback Effect" has been removed from this site. Our contract with Neilsen Media Research requires us to refrain from posting the results of this study online.
Apparently the NFL and ESPN make a lot of money off racial animosity, and no one wants to talk about it.

I am not criticizing. I see nothing wrong with blacks, non-whites, and even white SWPL urban metrosexual liberals rooting for the black quarterback, while rednecks and other unreconstructed Americans root for the white guy.

We have become waaaaaay toooo sensitive. If I had a half-black kid, I would teach him to be emotional strong enough not to crumble just because someone calls him a half-nigger.


Anonymous said...

its likely more class than race. you have a rich upper middle class stamford kid getting thrown into a locker room with meat head idiots. I havent been in an NFL locker room.

as for how you would raise your kid, i dont know if an upper middle class father can prepare a man for this.

i think you will find, if the full story comes out, that they were trying to toughen him up, and it got out of control. ive seen this in the military. ive seen men try and kill themselves, more gesture than commitment but group dynamics like that can be horrible.

Anonymous said...

Free speech guidelines do NOT protect medical providers from government intervention.

1. your treatment has to be consistent with medical boards, approved practices etc.

2. positive messages doesnt mean "go ahead and hook up with a dude" positive messages means having sexual attraction to someone of the same sex isnt a reason to kill yourself or burn in hell etc.

3. this positive message language is approved and signed off by the state psychiatrist board. i dont know if other therapist boards have signed off as proper for medical providers to do.