Tuesday, December 03, 2013

John Nazarian, the King of Scumbags

Suzanne McCarley asks:
What sort of unscrupulous scum makes a living off of offering professional services designed to teach women how to make false allegations of abuse to police, criminal courts and family courts in order to evict their husbands from the family home and gain the upper hand in a divorce? How morally bankrupt do you have to be to encourage and instruct such conduct, intentionally targeting people you know to be innocent, unjustly depriving them of civil rights, property and even causing emotional and psychological harm to their children?

We all know the family court system is a deck stacked against men and their children. A growing number of people are recognizing this, recognizing the damage it is doing, and working toward correcting the problem. But what kind of human being recognizes the bias and pitfalls in the system, and profits from those problems by encouraging criminality?

John Nazarian is such a parasite.
The video gives a lesson for wives to make false charges against their husbands, in order to set up a favorable divorce. I hesitate to publicize such tactics, but some people need to know what can happen.

And millions of women are getting the divorce advice:
Dear Margo: I have a difficult problem I need an outsider's help with, as I wouldn't want friends or family to know. My husband is a very quiet man, and when I say quiet, I mean that he can go for days without having a conversation.

It doesn't seem to bother him, but it certainly bothers me. I knew he was quiet when I married him, ...

Dear Get: ... Tell him that conversation is going to become part of his life, either with you, a therapist or his divorce lawyer. ... Now you know how to make things better. — Margo, responsively


Quartermain said...

It would be funny if John Nazarian had the exact thing he advocates happen to him and it stuck with fellow inmates who have a grudge against him.

Anonymous said...


That video should be well publicized. I am sure there are many ex-husbands who wonder what the hell happened. If some of them have nothing else to lose....

Anonymous said...

Here's the full article about John Nazarian, who was just named in a Public Corruption Complaint filed with the Los Angeles County Grand Jury, along with his co-conspirator actress and false accuser Pauley Perrette: