Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another angry dad tells his story

Another angry dad has written an account of his California child custody dispute:
I am delighted that you are still blogging on the subject of family law, etc. I hope that things in your own situation have eased-up and improved.

I printed out your web page bog information back in 2006 when I was in the midst of a brutal divorce and child custody case. We communicated back then too.

The experience of being trapped in a dysfunctional marriage was nothing compared to the dysfunction of the divorce court I was in in California. The experience motivated me to write a book about my own divorce - and take a close and revealing look at the divorce process - especially as relates to child custody. The result is Give Back My Son.

I hope that you will take a look at the web site - as well as the publisher's web site Id really appreciate it if you might take a look at the book and even consider a review. Please link my web sites - and, after taking a look at them, let me know what you think.

Scott O'Dell
Utah, USA
An Amazon review gives it one star for being "one-sided", and for losing in court.

Sorry, I cannot bear to read his books. I cannot even bear to read my own posts on the subject. Others books have detailed the problems of the family court, such as those by Alec Baldwin and Stephen Baskerville.

He says:
In truth, family courts typically do not have the time, tools or interest to competently and fairly measure what is best for our children. In their often short-cut and unjust methods, the family court system consistently relegates fathers to the status of second-class parents and exploited citizens. Discover why family court is a misnomer for a prejudiced and broken apparatus better known as “anti-family.” A place where the purpose of deciding child custody is too often diluted or derailed by expedient, divisive, and prescriptive methods that just make for more problems.
In my opinion, the family would be more dangerous if it did have the tools measure what is best for children. Any such decision-making is fundamentally contrary to a free society.


Anonymous said...

actually, i think the system is more perverse than what you and he wrote.

most cases are settled, very few go to court, fewer go to a trial/hearing, fewer get a judgement produced. In NY State, more than 97% of divorce cases involving children get settled and far less than 1% have a judgement produced.

If you make the system more fair, the case load for judges will explode. It can take 2+ years in NY State to get a final judgement now. If cases were resolved faster or more fairly, and say 10% demanded a trial, you would need 20-40x the judges and courtrooms and court reporters and officers and clerks to do a proper job.

so its not just a mother-centric/biased approach, its a system that scares people (men) into settlements to cut down on costs.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, gr8 comment and there is some human nature at play here too.

People don't want to admit that things don't work. You see it with prisons and police and schools as well as family courts. It takes something truly shocking to get peoples' attention and even then, its just easier to write the guy off as crazy.

There was a guy who lit himself on fire over family court issues and people just shrugged and said "wow, that guy went crazy" Some even said "i understand how the system could make you go crazy"

Anonymous said...

Forgive her Father for she knows of not what she speaks. As far as I am concerned "Lisa", you sound exactly like the unconstitutionally minded "feminazi" who is willing to capriciously dispose of a persons civil rights based on your own personal predudice such as what the Nazi's did to the Jews. This is why the USA has a constitution and in particular the 14th Ammendment. Remember it was not that long ago when women were tortured into "settlements" (aka confessions) for being witches based only on mere allegations,only to be summarily executed and thrown away from society like garbage. The facts are that most people that loose in family court do so because they can't afford a lawyer and the government is too happy to represent the women with all that good VAWA money as incentive. The entire family court system is a reaction to the OJ murder of his wife Nichole. That case was a reaction to the hatred of the LAPD by the jury. That would be called a "ripple effect". The two problems with the family court universally are that there is no supervision such as a jury or a board of judges and the biggest problem of all is there is no enforcement for lying under oath. The fact is that it pays to lie in family court with no consequences. You are an ugly insensitive and stupid woman Lisa. Maybe God can forvive you for your predudice, however, I fear that I am not strong enough. I would state my name, however, I am in a custody dispute currently and don't want to personally offend any Taliban Feminazi's until it is my turn to write my own book.

Anonymous said...

There are 5000 suicides each year over family litigation (11%) are women. If you look at the FBI most wanted list for Parental Kidnappings nearly all of them are mothers who lost custody. Where is the government money to support the father's rights under the Uniform Parenatage Act? Is all this presumption of shared parenting in the Family Code nothing more than more PC crap with nothing to enforce it? So far the Elkin's Laws have done nothing except make it more expensive and time consuming to get court. Meanwhile every woman with a naked allegation of "fear" can completely destroy a man's civil and fundamental rights with the rubber-stamp of a coward, lazy, or activist judge. This oppression will not last for long. Name one in all of history that has?