Friday, February 15, 2013

Separate us from our parents

The 1990 movie Lord of the Flies has this dialog between stranded kids:
"I bet you out past the reef, there's lots of boats that come by every day, and one of them could rescue us." Ralph said.

"Yeah? Well, suppose it didn't. Suppose it was Russian. Then what? We'd be taken prisoner."

"The Russians wouldn't take us prisoner." Julie said.

"I don't know. Major Dingledine, my new dad, told me-" Piggy started.

"Major Dingledine?" Ralph asked, amused.

"Yeah. He said if the Russians invaded the U.S., they would take the kids and separate us from our parents, and I know it sounds weird, but they might make us go into the Olympics or something like that."
Separating kids from their parents was seen as something that evil invading Commie Russians might do. Or maybe family court judges or psychologists.

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