Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Lesbian custody dispute drags on

I mentioned the Lisa Miller child custody dispute back in 2006 and 2012. The legal battle continues:
A pastor was taken back to jail Thursday for continuing to refuse to tell a [federal] grand jury what he knows about a woman who fled the country to escape a custody dispute with her former lesbian partner....

Miller told the judge that the week he has spent in jail has strengthened his resolve that his beliefs require him to follow God’s law when they conflict with civil law. He said he is willing to pay the price, even if it means more time in jail.

“If I were to bring testimony against a fellow member of Christ’s kingdom, for honoring Christ’s kingdom’s laws, I would be disloyal to his kingdom and to Christ,” Miller said.

Miller has refused to testify about another man involved in the 2009 flight of Lisa Miller and her daughter, Isabella, rather than allow the girl to spend time with Lisa Miller’s ex-partner. The Millers are not related.
The underlying dispute is between a lesbian non-parent trying to be a legal dad, and a single mom who thinks that she can ignore court orders and keep the child to herself. This is the kind of craziness that results when no dad is in charge.

In other news, our army fighting units are going coed, the Boy Scouts are going gay, and women are being allowed to wear pants in Paris. CH (Roissy) predicts:
The only known cure for a failing empire, like 2013 America, is economic and social collapse, to seed the ground for rebirth. Similarly, the only known cure for a bifurcated, winner-take-all sexual market, is collapse of equalism, that wrong-headed ideology which assumes the sexes are interchangeable. The collapse is inevitable, whether it happens all at once or slowly, because these forces, having been set in motion generations, perhaps millennia ago, perhaps even set in motion at the very beginnings of humanity, are incorruptible. One cannot manage or reason with the Gods of the Copybook Headings. The prime directive, will, once again, as it has done so many times before, shatter all illusions.

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