Thursday, February 07, 2013

Paternity tests illegal in France

I had no idea that DNA paternity tests were banned in France and Germany. Wikipedia explains:
In France and Germany, any paternity testing without a court order is banned, due to fears that more families could be broken by divorce if all fathers were given access to them. Fathers sometimes circumvent these laws by sending samples of DNA to foreign labs, but risk prosecution if caught.
France and Germany have even elected leaders who are living in sin:
“In France, a first lady has no status, and therefore she isn’t supposed to do anything else,” Ms. Trierweiler said. “My perception of life is not to ask François Hollande, who isn’t the father of my children, to support me financially.” ...

Mr. Hollande and Ms. Trierweiler are the first unmarried couple to occupy the presidential Élysée Palace together, following close on the heels of the new president of Germany, Joachim Gauck, whose live-in companion is also a journalist. That these arrangements were no bar to office is a sign of how European attitudes about families have changed.
Some googling turned up some companies that will do DNA tests in France for the purpose of documenting a relationship for USA immigrations compliance. But apparently a child has no right to know who his genetic father is.

In the USA, DNA paternity tests, with the resultant humiliations, are done on daytime TV talk shows. There is even an upcoming TV show, Paternity Court specializing in such tests.

The DNA tests are so cheap and reliable that I assumed that I assumed that they would eventually become mandatory for putting a dad's name on a birth certificate. But maybe there will be opposition from places with a lot of slutty women like France, and from lesbians and others who don't believe in paternity.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they haven't made them illegal in the US. And personally, I whole-heartedly recommend them, considering that I've fathered more than my share of children on married women. It never ceased to amaze me that not one of the husband's ever caught on - the one that stands out in my mind is both husband and wife had blue eyes, and the baby had brown eyes.

Since blue eyes are recessive - anyone with a modicum of knowledge should have picked up on that. But no one ever pointed it out to him, or if they did, he chose to ignore it. Stupidity goes straight to the bone.

Anonymous said...

I think most men can't bring themselves to consider it. I was blissfully ignorant once about a relationship. The woman was a victim of a womanizing ex and would never.....well, you know how it ends.

As far as the test, it doesn't get more obvious right there then what is the agenda. The state simply does not want to care for a child so they put it on some duped dad and then take away his only evidence to the contrary. If not allowing a child acess to know who its father is then the BIOTCH is as sick as it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

In France, the sole fact that officials are worried that paternity testing will upset the peace and stability of the system-that-be, is all the proof needed to show that not just a few people think there must be a lot of paternity fraud going on. Why else would testing upset the current "balance"?

What does this say about honesty capacity from the makers of this bad law in France?

What happens in Europe often becomes hip in the USA too, starting with liberal states like California, and spreading to the entire country.

So men out there, if you care about your boys' futures, it is time to step up and face the fact that true equality will not happen on it's own or under hyper-feminist dominance.

If we men do not counter the forces-that-be to ensure equal treatment for men and boys in a world that prefers female special preferences, then the promise of equality will be undermined and in which things will get sooooo much worse for men and boys.

Instead of making sure you get you a woman even if you have to hide your real feelings about these important issues, you had better be ready to tell the truth to women, no matter.

Honesty is manly.

Things will get a lot worse before they get better. Which side are you on?

Unknown said...

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