Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Other Woman trashes husband

Here is today's advice column letter:
Dear Annie: My friend "Steve" has been married for 10 years. Six months ago, he had an affair. The other woman became pregnant, so Steve left his wife. But within a few months, he realized he had made a terrible mistake. The new girlfriend was verbally abusive and controlling and interfered with his relationship with his other children. He finally ended things and returned to his wife.

Now the Other Woman is refusing visitation with the new baby. Steve and his wife have hired an attorney to fight this. I know Steve has tried very hard to put his life back together and wants to do the right thing. But I was disheartened to see the new mother badmouth him on Facebook, calling him a deadbeat dad and telling horrible lies about his family. Steve pays regular child support and has already added the baby to his insurance. Meanwhile, throughout her pregnancy, this woman drank and smoked, even though Steve pleaded with her to take better care of herself. ...

Dear A Friend: ... But we caution you not to say unkind things about the Other Woman. Steve has his hands full, and there's no reason to make the woman more defensive and angry than she already is.
The Other Woman and her sympathizers are ruining America. Yes, there is every reason to shame her as a slut, home-wrecker, and evil mom.

Most of the online comments want to blame Steve for not wearing a condom, or some related sin. Blame him all you want, but it is tolerance for women like the Other Woman who are destroying the next generation.

It has become politically incorrect to shame such women. They are just exercising their lawful choices, liberals say. We would all be better off if such women were considered unfit to win child custody battles.


Zorro said...

Agree 100%. In a society that holds women to be blameless creatures, doom is certain.

One of the biggest threats to our society is the number of single moms (via divorce, not widowhood).

There should be a movement to shun single moms (of divorce) and to end the welfare state that makes them toss their husbands.

Anonymous said...

I've got an un-real case going on right now and want to bring this injustice in domestic courts to light. I am going to need to be the squaeky wheel...because being patient isnt working. email me if you want a good one for your blog!