Monday, April 30, 2012

Movie shows mom lose kid

The Lifetime Channel shows movies for women, and last week it was showing child custody related movies. I happened to see The Good Mother (1988):
The Good Mother is a 1988 American drama film and an adaptation of Sue Miller's novel of the same name. Directed by Leonard Nimoy, the film stars Diane Keaton and Liam Neeson in the leading roles. The Good Mother explores feelings and beliefs about children's exposure to adult sexuality and challenges society's growing reliance upon courts to settle complex private and ethical matters. Plot summary - Anna Dunlap (Diane Keaton), is a piano teacher who works part-time at a college laboratory and a recent divorcee who has custody of a four-year-old daughter. She meets and falls in love with Leo (Liam Neeson), a sculptor who helps her to find true passion and fulfillment. But her sexual liberation comes at a very high cost: her ex-husband Brian (Naughton) questions her new lifestyle. Worse, he accuses Leo of sexually molesting Molly and sues Anna for custody of their daughter.
The IMDB rating is only 5.7 out of 10 stars, so I am not recommending it. I don't know how women can stand to watch this stuff. I had to fast-forward thru much of it. (Spoiler alert.) The mom ends up getting a 2-weekend a month visitation deal, and it is portrayed as a great tragedy. Millions of dads get a deal like that, even without any wrongdoing. To me, it seems obvious that the court had no business prying into a private matter that probably showed bad judgment, but what was ultimately harmless. But then I come to that conclusion whenever I am in family court watching other cases. I wonder what others think. My guess is that the women sympathize with the mom in this case, but do not realize how destructive these cases are. In the movie, everyone told the truth and was very sincere. In real cases, there are disputed facts, and no way to be sure about who is lying.

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