Sunday, April 29, 2012

International Child Abduction

NBC TV Dateline had a show Friday on the Goldman child abduction case and the Bring Sean Home Foundation. A dad was reunited with his son after his wife kidnapped the boy, took him to Brazil, got divorced and remarried, and got Brazillian custody in violation of international treaties. The mom died in childbirth and the dad still could not get the boy back until the dad got a lot of favorable publicity and a Brazilian shrink wrote a report in his favor. Congress is considering a law to help other parents like him.


Anonymous said...

What happens when not even the Hague Convention can help a dad bring his children home? In the Grin case, the non-custodial mother abducted four children after losing custody in Italy and took them to Russia. The Russians are ignoring International law as well as the Hague Convention.

George said...

I do not know. We cannot even get parental rights in the USA.