Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NYT Global Protest Movement Article

A reader sends this NY Times article:
MADRID — Hundreds of thousands of disillusioned Indians cheer a rural activist on a hunger strike. Israel reels before the largest street demonstrations in its history. Enraged young people in Spain and Greece take over public squares across their countries.

Their complaints range from corruption to lack of affordable housing and joblessness, common grievances the world over. But from South Asia to the heartland of Europe and now even to Wall Street, these protesters share something else: wariness, even contempt, toward traditional politicians and the democratic political process they preside over.

They are taking to the streets, in part, because they have little faith in the ballot box.
He adds:
This is what's needed here in the US and that would include esp. the family law system. Republican, Democrat, what's the difference now? This is the sort of thing I was alluding to in all those comments I made about there's really only statism and we the people.
That is largely what the Tea Party movement is about. But it has not attacked the family court, CPS, and other such evils yet.

I just got an email from a local Santa Cruz woman who is writing a book about the evils of CPS. Maybe she will add my story, taken from this blog.


Anonymous said...

the main key issue w/the Tea Party in my eyes is that the Republican Party is trying to hijack it for their own needs, ie continue to support their own special interest group(s), namely the plutocratic oligarchy and the defense (and now also starring surveillance) industry. Geez, Eisenhower and Lincoln were right, not to mention Jefferson.

No slam on the Tea Party, but I'm pretty cautious about it because of that reason, plus there really hasn't been a successful 3rd party since the original Republicans back in the 1850s. The current Republicans have simply swapped places w/the old Whigs. But may they can get something across in the next election.

Anonymous said...

We're the government. You pity scared kitties, We control you and your families. We isolate you if you're separated/divorced and government control parents and kids.

Shut up and pay to lawyers,evaluators, and all other family affiliates. Who do you think you are? We want to make sure your hard money of yours and kids, and any future prospects of your children are completely destroyed.

I am the judge. I want to make sure all court room people get money from you. If you do not have money, fine, we will get it from government grants or tax dollars.

We make sure children get destroyed and make sure parents get traumatized. We annihilate you for decades. What's new now?

Fear me(Govt)! Although I am afraid of this internet, I will call my fellow networks during hallway meetings/phone/DAs and all other means so you're either just shut up or suppressed.

You, USA citizens, you have been brain washed by all means. In fact, public (sheepish) will be against you if you do anything to us. You're powerless isolated and no good citizens. We divided and conquered your families for sometime.

Do you think you could protest? We (Govt) made sure people get isolated. They should have nothing to give. They're either traumatized or completely stressed or destroyed by us or we bankrupted them. Children, we made sure they went to hell by our collective actions.

We have done worst damage than holocaust. They told during holocaust they'd kill and then killed the most. But here in courts, we rape children for money and breakfast. We have been getting away with it for decades.

Go watch a TV or reality TV, drink alcohol, take drugs, get brain washed. By the way, just shut up and pay us?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is dumb down society with ineffective and impotent people to take action so far. Most other countries, if people mess with families, culprits get severe consequences. Here in US, we made so many hollywood movies when people families get affected, action hero/heroin takes action against bad people. So many movies made worldwide like this, but this population completely dumb downed.

I observed most divorced people has nothing to offer to other people. They're exhausted. Given this nuclear and disconnected culture, it leads to depression, anxiety, and mental illness and loss of self-power.

This population will not raise up easily unless you shoot them to take action.

It is incentives and motivation built in the system so evil parents and system could harm children and other parents.

But you have new media, Internet. Do not count on bills and reforms or political change in the family courts, they have been doing for a while. The moment you start a bill and reform, lawyers will be sitting on task forces to make sure they're interest are protected.

Shutdown family courts or in a capitalistic model bankrupt lawyers and evaluators or preempt family courts with parallet courts.

Do massive protests. Connect with other victims of courts to rise up. Do class action and impact litigation to bust some of the judges, lawyers, evaluators, social workers. They do not have immunity once many victims come together and put them on legal action and put them in jail. Disbar them or have licenses terminated.

Do not waste any more minute. You can not sit down witness horrific crimes committed against children and innocent parents.

It is so sad, when I watched some of presidential debates, none them raised issue on family courts. We're sitting here in US commenting other countries while destroying our children in horrific way. Lot of experts, some judges wrote books and articles to stay away from family courts. Courts will abuse your families.

Support your fellow human beings who're facing similar situation.Take an action.

We have been working on many programs to save children. If interested, post here. Soon, we will respond.

Rise up! Don't kill yourself. We're there for you. Take an action. Make sure bad people get punished and accountable in the system.

Anonymous said...

yup, sounds about right. Statism.

Who wants to do a rally at the Watsonville Courthouse w/in the next week or so?

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad we could not help easily to come protest at Watsonville.

Few of us in bay area want to build the gross root group for this kind. We're exhausted both emotionally and financially.

Our goal is to build non-profit organization or initiatives to go after these issues. This will provide connecting resources for protests, watchdog, intervention,press/media legal support to bust some these crimes.

Impact litigation and class action of victims. These cases needs to be open up from burial grounds. Children and parents are berried under helplessness and despair.

The new World War 3 coming to protect children of all countries who have been abused by governments. These are atrocities and crimes committed in our soil by judges, lawyers, evaluators, cps, social workers, juvenile systems and all other affiliates.

We declare World War III to stop this insanity and punish people in power. It took WW2 to get ride of Hitler.

We need WW3 to get ride of these family courts and affiliates, not just here. It's all over the world.

Please post if you would like to help to create WW3 organization to smoke cockroaches in our system.

We need to use all legal framework and protest, social media to build ecoSystem to fight this WW3.

Rise up! Don't wait. People waited for last 40 or 50 years.

Parents have undeniable right to parent their children. Some of the bad parents needs to be trained to become good parents.

When you put goverment to solve this problem, you know what happens in everywhere when govt enters. They abuse and destory!

Anonymous said...

so where can we get more info on this WWIII organization? I'm all for it, but I guarantee the best and most effective way to start getting proper attention to this issue (agreed it's world wide, not just here in the states) is to march w/signs and start protesting LOUDLY. Going through congress, state bar associations, etc isn't going to work. Think of the Civil Rights movement. They even moved things up a few notches w/violence but then again those folks were attacked w/firehoses, police dogs, and the KKK among other nasty means. The family law situation hasn't moved to violence and I sincerely doubted it ever will, but you have to engage "the system" quite vigorously and protests and getting in the news and getting the message out in mainstream media is the only way.

March in from of CPS at Emeline Street. March in front of the Watsonville courthouse. March in front of support services on May St. March in front of Feminist Studies on the UC campus because that's a major source of the anti-family indoctrination. That's what it's going to take.

I'm tired and feeling beaten down, but since I've lost my kids and my job because of all this, I've got nothing to lose. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

March or just consider running as far away from these people as you can. If you've lost your job, and it's clear you're not going to see your kids till they are 18.

Were the people who fled nazi Germany cowards or survivors ?

You're not abandoning your kids if they have been kidnapped, and you're being extorted out of money you don't have to be with kids that they are never going to let you be with anyway.

Anonymous said...

When a loving spouse or child dies in accidents or illness, loving parent or spouse will be naturally sad and traumatized many years to come. Of course, you could teach them to come out early through some skills.

When children bonds are broken for the purpose of circus of family courts, it will affect you at your core. All your expectations, love and deep affections and natural paternal/maternal instincts have been destroyed. You will be traumatized without you knowing it. Even the toughest ones go silent.

I already know lot about psychology, philosophies, world religions, business. Now past 3 years, I come to find legal and non-profit initiatives recently.

I am under joint custody for few children. My ex is evil-ex to make everything difficult under joint custody and continue to lie. I am sick and tired spending so much time to continue to stop ex lies.
They committed severe lies under oath and got caught under oath, family videos, emails. They won't stop. That is the nature of people who play evils games and lie. I have screamed for help to bust this people. Lawyers tells me courts are corrupt and judges are corrupt. They won't stop these people. If you want to do some, "Show me the money".

I come to realized there is no infrastructure to support you. They released dangerous beast (system) after people to torn them apart. Naturally, you won't survive. People need to help to fight this beast.

WW3 or WWIII is what needed to stop these "Crimes against children and parents". Reforms/Bills/changes, they've been trying past 50 years.

We need to prosecute some of the cockroaches in our system and fumigate them by opening up legal cases with many victims coming together.

I reviewed so many cases. Some of the lawyers are doing the same games to all of their opposing clients. But none of these victims are connected. They're afraid, scared, exhausted, no life left in them.

We need to provide new platform them to re-connect and we need reach out to these people who are hiding or unable to do any.

No one will help in the public. No one. You're friends and relatives are already under capitalistic hamster mill running. Some can hear you at gossip level but can not support at higher level.

I am still working on many fronts. So far my life (kids, work, evil-e x) is swallowing my efforts. I need good thinking people to help. I want to dedicate my life to fight these crimes. I understood many initiatives. I read more than 60 expert books and educated in legal underpinnings.

Here is what I got so far. But there are many ideas and strategies on plate.

“Children/ Youth Unlimited” which empowers and protects children unlimited potential (∞) and provides children with high-level opportunity to each kid to excel and promote a better life while protecting them from all forms of exploitation from various concerns.

Mission Statement: (Some samples from existing companies which resonates with me)
- to protect kids from abuse/neglect from the systems designed to protect them.
- to protect human rights of individuals/groups from injustices
- to connect legal representation through class action and impact litigation

Develop programs to protect children from various forms of exploitations; Provide victims connecting/voluntary resources

Work with various government/private/public organizations to empower and protect children from injustices and common sense rights

Connect with various children organizations to empower and provide ecoSystem

Independent watchdog to causes of children and families; Educate public

Develop programs to defend rights of children and work with programs that affect children and innocent rights

You could send email to with your contact info to connect. There is another site childenunlimited which is different from this purpose. There is no site yet.

(Our efforts are in Silicon Valley, California)

Anonymous said...

RE Poster at 10:50AM, no way were those who fled Nazi Germany cowards. Those folks had guns pointed at them, boots kicking them, and their livelihoods destroyed or taken away by force. Those who stayed thought they may have had a chance to fight back but alas the tide against them was way too powerful. And Nazi Germany's loss was our gain big time.