Monday, September 05, 2011

How Assange's mom was threatened

I commented before on the root of Assange's rage. On CBS 60 Minutes last night, the WikiLeaks leader was interviewed:
Kroft: You obviously have a mistrust of authority. Where does that come from?

Assange: I think it comes from experience with various types of authorities.

Assange gave us an example from his childhood, a story about him and his mother Christine, who was present at one of his recent court hearings. She was a political activist who helped scientists gather information about nuclear tests conducted by the British in the Australian outback. He remembers them being stopped late one night and questioned by authorities, one of whom said:

Assange: Look lady, you're out at two o'clock in the morning with this could be suggested that you're an unfit mother. I suggest you stay out of politics. And which she did for the next ten years in order to make sure nothing happened to me. So that's a very early abuse of power and the secrecy that I saw in my life.

His was an unconventional and sometimes tumultuous childhood in which he was frequently uprooted and moved around the countryside. He attended 37 different schools.
The interview was strangely silent about the massive new leak caused by the UK Guardian foolishly publishing a WikiLeaks password in a recent book.

Govt officials should not have the power to silence parents by threatening to take their kids away. We should have objective, fair, and due process criteria for declaring a parent unfit, so that this sort of thing does not happen. Otherwise, parents are second-class citizens.


Marriage Education Institute said...

Fellow MRA’s,

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Our goal is to ensure that no men get married without being fully warned of the risks involved. We want to ensure that men are warned of the risks of family court and that they know the risks they are facing. Some men may still choose to marry, that is ok as at least they know what may happen.

We also hope that full information will serve as a catalyst for reform as something as corrupt as the current family court system is unlikely to survive once its abuses are brought to light.

Our plan is to start warning young men at a young age before they can be trapped by the feminist establishment. We intend to start with universities because that’s where the most prized feminist husbands/slaves are. If we can open the eyes of the “best” slaves, woemn will panic and the day will be ours.

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Anonymous said...

I married 2 weeks after my college graduation, and would have probably considered you a sort of "paranoid, alarmist" then.

After what I and millons of others have suffered, as you will read about here, I praise your efforts completely.

You've come to the right place.

Anonymous said...

Hey reader who wrote this weeks ago...

well, well, well, looks like my ex just filed for a restraining order hearing for the latter part of Sept today so I guess she got the call from the visitation supervisor earlier today. How predictable. No temporary orders issued, though.

How are you ? How are things going ? What happened ? Let us know if you can.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

RE Poster at 2:20, thanks for checking in. Met last week w/the brain quack who did the eval on my kids 3 years ago stating they were brainwashed by my ex. Well, she wasn't so helpful this time around, assigning all the blame on me for the current situation. No responsibility placed on my ex, she was "scared" and whether it was true or not doesn't matter. And I hit her? No. The kids? No. Threaten them? No. Verbally abuse them and belittle them? No. Called her on her baloney? Yes. Therein lies the issue I suppose. I felt like I was talking to Martian.

So I'm in the middle of filing a motion that'll hopefully be addressed at the upcoming restraining order hearing in a few weeks. I'll offer a plan of supervised visits etc w/tangible milestones so I can get legal custody and full visitation back in a reasonable amount of time. I've been unemployed for a while, just doing small consulting jobs and such so the expense of all these family law parasites is going to really hurt. But what are you going to do?

My guess is this is my last go at seeing the kids again and should this fail I'm going to throw in the towel as nothing more can be done until they're 18 and can try and make up their own minds. I will then try again at that point in time, which is a few years away. That I just visited them out of the blue should plant the seed that I really do love them and want to be their dad. Alas, there's an incredibly large apparatus in the way of all that as you all well know.

Why there aren't actual marches and demonstrations happening is a bit beyond me, I'd certainly participate. The system is more than broken and there is no political recourse, I'm afraid, so one has to more or less "take it to the streets" like the civil rights movement. I've lost my kids and my job, so what do I have to lose?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it. The deck is stacked against you. Many will say, never give up on your kids., you can't throw in the towel, etc...I say, "do you think your kids want their father being tortured by the courts when it's futile ?" Genuine experts agree that almost all kids are aware of p.a.s. parental alienation syndrome. I figure that if you know and your kids know, that the most practical, and prudent act to serve them, and yourserlf was to yield till their 18, than that's what's in the best interest of the kids.

Now, others will pressure you to feel like you've abandoned your kids. The court folks rely on this perhaps. I respect your decision, and I respect the decision of those who fight to the bitter end, because it's a personal decision, all with you unique circumstances and players involved.

Keep your head above water, cause anything can happen with child support payments...they almost never reduce the amount and 95% of fathers applying for reductions don't receive reductions and frequently end up with increases just cause the applied for a reduction, so careful not to blow too much on the court folks, given your financial situation. Remember, it's not based on what you earn, like taxes, it's based on what they think you "could earn" or earned previously.

Best of luck to you with everything. Stay in touch if possible.