Friday, September 02, 2011

Exposing law schools

Law professor Paul Campos writes the blog Inside the Law School Scam, where he slams law schools. Here is a typical rant:
That ethical dilemma arose, in Carrington's view, because these professors were "nihilists," who supposedly disbelieved in even the possibility of principled legal decision making, because they thought "law is a mere deception by which the powerful weaken the resistance of the powerless." People who hold such beliefs, Carrington argued, cannot inculcate the faith that law is something above and beyond mere politics by other means -- a faith which, according to Carrington, law students need to acquire in order to be competent and ethical attorneys. ...

What we have instead are dangerous amounts of boredom and cynicism, topped off with unhealthy doses of depression and despair. Here's a question: How many law graduates, especially recent law graduates, have a more positive view of law and the legal system than they did before they entered law school? I think it's fair to say that almost literally no one ever has this experience. If, as Carrington suggests, it's the law school's primary job to nurture rather than corrode faith in law and the legal system, then the law school is failing spectacularly.

Why does the law school fail? That is the question this blog has tried to explore. ...

They learn that most of their teachers know little or nothing about the practice of law.

They learn that as a consequence they are learning almost nothing about the practice of law.

They learn that most lawyers who have jobs as lawyers hate their jobs.
Some law grads are . Anyone considering a legal career should read this blog. For the rest of us, it is a partial explanation as to how the American legal profession got to be such a decadent cesspool.

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