Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Indoctrinated Law Student

A blog got this letter:
I am a third-year student at a major law school. Since family law is tested on the bar exam, I decided that it would be smart to take a family law course. The professor is a woman who is a Brigham Young University law school graduate (although I seriously doubt she is Mormon). She has published several articles on gender, sexuality, and family law.

She holds to the concept that marriage is always changing. Marriages are more like economic partnerships than some kind of spiritual union. Women’s health and careers are negatively burdened by marriage. Traditional marriage is oppressive to women. The nuclear family has almost never existed except during or subsequent to the industrial revolution. Gay marriage is just another subjective transition occurring in the social sphere. The ideal of traditional marriage and child rearing is a creation of class privilege that stigmatizes the poor. The tendency for the law to oppress women by upholding patriarchal marriage is a precursor to marital rape.
I am not even bothering to give my opinion of this. I am just pointing out that this is what the law schools teach. And not just the more liberal schools -- this is what BYU teaches.

This is the school that kicked off a basketball player for having premarital sex with his fiancee. No alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, drugs, gambling, or pornography, either. If the law professors there don't believe in marriage, then they don't elsewhere. In a generation, you will not be able to find a family law lawyer who even understands the traditional concept of marriage. Maybe that is true already.

The blogger recommends a 1910 G.K. Chesterton book on what's wrong with the world! I thought that our problems were newer than that. The copyright has expired, so you can now read it for free. So that is the good news for you optimists. If you wait a century, then you can at least read about what is wrong with the world for free.

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Cynthia said...

As a BYU grad (not law school) I'd just like to point out that the professor was a BYU grad, it doesn't say she was teaching there. I seriously doubt BYU teaches this crap.