Friday, July 08, 2011

Supplying documents to the Board

I had to complain to the state Board about a court-appointed psychologist, and the Board asked for more documents. The judge told my ex-wife that she could file a motion if she had some objection. She decided not to object, and I sent this letter to the Board:
To: Xxxx Xxxx, California Board of Psychology
Re: Control Number 1F 2011 215103

Dear Ms. [name omitted]:

I received your June 20 letter asking for additional documents. [I supply the documents.]

I am unable to provide direct proof of Judge Morse’s comments on May 23. No court reporter was present and there was no written order. However the previous order was for an update from Perlmutter, and the case is proceeding without any input from him or any other psychologist. There can be no doubt that he is out of the case.

I have not seen my kids since March 6. The reason is partially because Perlmutter refused to do an update, and because the court is reluctant to act without input from someone who has interviewed our kids.

Some of these documents are long and/or confusing. Please let me know if I can help.

Sincerely, ...
Normally my ex-wife would know nothing about this complaint, as it does not involve her and there is no obligation to notify her. However, I believe that an investigation like this should be public. It is one state agency investigating the incompetent and unethical practices of a state psychologist. This psychologist could have ruined dozens of lives with his incompetent and/or malicious practices. So I am happy to let my ex-wife or anyone else file whatever objections they please. I think that Ken Perlmutter's other victims should tell their stories to the state agency.

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