Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arraigned for contempt

Tomorrow morning I am supposed to be arraigned for contempt. I am expecting Judge Morse to follow her usual pattern and keep us until 11:55 and everyone other case has been disposed of, so my ex-wife and I are the only ones left in the courtroom. Then she will tell us that it is almost lunchtime, and schedule us to come back next month.

There are two contempt charges. One is that my ex-wife wants me to pay for some orthodontic expenses. She claims that I was supposed to pay dental expenses, but to me, that does not include orthodontic services. The other charge is that I told the story on this blog about how she got sole legal custody by lying and claiming that she already had. She wants me to remove the quotes from the court-appointed psychologist saying that she lied. I don't see how it can be unlawful to truthfully say what the court did. I am not revealing anything confidential, such as saying what the psychologist said about my ex-wife's mental health.

There is also the continuing issue of child custody and visitation. My ex-wife has not permitted me to see our kids in four months. Her only excuse is that she has a pending motion for permanent sole custody, and if she gets that, then any visitation will be at her discretion.

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