Thursday, July 21, 2011

Court hearing canceled

The Watsonville court called and said that Judge Heather Morse would not be in, and all cases were postponed to Aug. 10.

I was thinking of trying to post a summary of what happens in court, and posting it before going to court. That is, I was going to try to predict what happens before going. Too late.

All I get out of Judge Morse is stalling. I have been in her court for over a year, and she stalls at every opportunity. Supposedly I am being charged with contempt of court, but she does not show the slightest interest in figuring out what I am supposed to be doing, or determining whether I should be punished. I think that if she could have her way, she would just postpone the contempt charge indefinitely.

The law places some limits on how long a contempt charge can be postponed, unless the defendant waives the time limits. In court last time, Judge Morse practically begged me to waive the limits, so she could take the contempt charge off her calendar and forget about it.

Even more so, she wants to postpone making a decision on whether I can see my kids. She knows that the process in which my kids were taken away was completely crooked, but she does not want to deal with it. If she can stall for 6 more years, then both kids will be over 18. I think that is her objective.


Anonymous said...

yes, she'll punt the decision on your kids for as long as she can get away with it, JJJ did just that for at least 9-10 months before making the restraining order formalized for 3 years after that.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that THANKFULLLY Judge Morse is leaving the bench after the first of the year. Can anyone tell me if she was asked to leave family court or if it was her choice to do so? I really need to find that out for personal reasons. Thanks anyone who can help!