Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Baby killer walks

I was wrong about Casey Anthony. I thought that the jury would be impressed by the govt expert witnesses with the fancy CSI arguments, and repulsed by the lying and irresponsible mom. We still don't know who the dad was, as the only DNA test was negative. I don't think that a mom should be allowed to keep a baby if she cannot name the father.

A reader sends Central Coast Has 2 Casey Anthony-Like Cases. These are moms who murder their babies, in immigrant and illegal alien communities.

A reader sends an essay on How Can We Get Men to Do More at Home?:

A recent article in a series in The International Herald Tribune noted that while German and other European women are making strides in education and in the workplace, their professional advancement stalls once they have children. They opt out of the job market, or seek part-time work, just as they do in the United States, as well as in Canada and Australia.

The reasons are similar: the availability and affordability of child care are cited as factors, combined with the hard-to-quantify traditional ideas about parenting, housework and the need to care for elderly parents. ...

If greater equality between men and women in the work force has not led to greater equality in child-rearing and other domestic responsibilities, what will?

I would be inclined to say nothing, but the Europeans are way ahead of us. The caption says:
A year ago, Fredrik Friberg, a Swedish civil servant, said that he was complimented for cutting his work hours to raise his child, but that his wife, who did the same thing, was not.
The German Green party is on the cutting edge of feminism, environmentalism, and progressivism, and it is demanding better sex toys.

The hyenas are ahead of the Germans and Swedes, as the NY Times explains. They have reached the pinnacle of female sexual empowerment. I cannot say any more in a family blog.

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