Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wife wants more evaluations

I just got this message from the court-appointed evaluator:
I received this e-mail.
It sounds like you only want me from 1030 to Noon and 130 to 430 on Nov. 30.
Is that correct?
In other matters prior to trial either the Court determines what additional information I am to review or the attorneys come to agreement on it.
If the Court does not address this and you and George cannot agree then I don't know what to do.
As regards the time I spend possibly reviewing new documents I can let you know that after it is clear what I am going to review.
If I am not going to need to be in court from 9-5 as previously budgeted then I would credit you for the time I already billed for.
Thank you for the information on parking.
I will wait to hear from you on the matters stated above.
Ken Perlmutter
My ex-wife sent him my trial brief, and proposed that he evaluate that as well as some additional documents.

He already did a $26K evaluation in which she sent him about 3K pages of documents. He recommended that I lose joint legal custody and that our kids remain under court supervision until they are 18.

Perlmutter is very petty about his procedures, and had instructed my ex-wife not to send him documents like this. I am surprised that she did it. She did not tell me that she was going to do it, or ask me about it. My guess is that he would not want to see any documents that might change his opinion.

Meanwhile, I asked the court clerk for a list of their court reporters. She said that they have no such list. If I wanted a record of my trial, I should consult the Yellow Pages. So I called a court reporter, and she said private reporters do depositions, but she never heard of the court needing a court reporter. She asked me why I don't just use the court reporter provided by the court. I had to tell her that they all got laid off, and the family court does not use any in-house court reporters anymore. If I want a record, I have to hire my own. Weird. I never heard of a court operating like that.

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