Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Canada takes cars from dads

A Canadian newspaper reports:
It’s the end of the road for motorists who drive drunk or while under licence suspension.

Police services across Ontario will have the power to order a vehicle impounded for seven days if the driver has an administrative license suspension, a blood alcohol limit of more than 0.08, refuses a breathalyzer or does not have the required ignition interlock device beginning Dec. 1.

Parents who have been stripped of their driver’s licence for failing to pay child support are included in the new impoundment rules.

“We’re looking for ways to require those parents to be responsible to their kids,” Ontario Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne said Monday. “And so separating someone from his or her vehicle is a pretty significant deterrent.”
No, taking a man's car is not requiring him to be responsible to his kids. It is the opposite.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like ensuring a "deadbeat dad" won't be able to work to pay child support.

Feminism, insanity without the trouble of going insane.

Anonymous said...

in CA they take away your drivers licence and you don't get it back until you show them an actual paycheck stub, then you pay a fee on top of that to reinstate it. As I was told by my caseworker: "The Supreme Court has decreed that driving is a privilege". Hmmm, well, they're lawyers, ever see one do an honest day's worth of work? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

very slanted comments upon a post which is also very slanted.
howabout what it takes to get one's drivers license revoked? actually it takes quite a bit.

after this point, the 'victim' wants to claim that he can't work to support his kids...whom he has not been supporting...or he wouldn't be in this position.

Anonymous said...

and world do you live in? Are you aware of the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. Forget the ca 10% number being bounced around. That's only new unemployment claims. When you factor in those who are no longer on unemployment insurance and are still unemployed you're much closer to 20%. Add those who are only part time or intermittent and it goes higher still. It's all in the economic reports if you bother to take a look. And some parts of the country are hit harder than others. I personally know several guys who have been unemployed for 2 years, living hand to mouth on whatever jobs they can find. Get real, Jack, or likely Jacqueline.