Thursday, November 11, 2010

Talking intimate is emotional abuse

A newspaper advice columnist accuses a husband of emotional abuse of his wife. The man did not have an affair with another woman. He did not make degrading comments to her. He tells her that she is beautiful and sexy. So what did he do?

He talks to a friend about their marriage relationship, and mentions it to his wife. That's all.

I've had women tell me that they share the most personal details of their lives with all their friend, and proceed to tell me the most personal details of all their friends' lives. When I ask why they would even talk about such stuff, they assure me that all women do that.

Men don't. Most men do not want to even listen to it. If a man wants to talk about such stuff, he sometimes has to find a woman to listen. That is what the husband in advice column does. And the columnist says that it is emotional abuse. By that standard, I am guessing that 80% of all wives are guilty of emotional abuse.

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