Saturday, December 19, 2009

TV show on dads trying to get sons back

ABC TV 20/20 had a show last night about two American fathers who sons were illegally put in Italian orphanages.
Narrator: How do you make sense of all this?
Dad: It's outrageous. I mean -- I have no idea what would possess people to put so much effort into damaging a child's relationship with a parent. ...

Narrator: What do you tell yourself to deal with this emotionally?
Dad: I have a little game that I play with myself. I wake up in the morning, and I say,
is today the day that I give up? The answer has been the same every day. Not today.
In one case the mom had abandoned the boy, and in the other the mom was a criminal fugitive who had been declared unfit.

The show gives the impression that American court would never be as bad as the Italian courts. I think that there are American stories that are just as bad.

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Anonymous said...

I view this head in the sand approach similar to Amnesty Internationsl where it's so much easier to point the finger at injustice and abuses in other countries than our own. It's called: denial. Coupled with a false sense of piety: oh, that'd never happen here! Baloney. Study your history and you find the trends in governance always trend towards more control and invasiveness. Then eventually a critical mass of unrest and revolt occurs, and then we start with at least a cleaner page than before. Witness Europe and Japan after WWII and the Fall of the Iron Curtain. But why do we have to keep repeating the same stupid behavior again and again? We're following the Santayana Principle. If we're to break this stupid cycle and all the damage that happens as a result of it, we really must come up with a better way to head off at the pass the bastards that seem intent on perpetuating what is totalitarianism in any form you care to call it. I wish the Men's Movement had more behind it to stem the bleeding of the American family. Seems the only way is for all the millions of fathers to chip in a few bucks, buy a few senators and craft laws and legislation that override what's currently on the books. Then get a good PR firm not afraid to take a few pages from Rove's playbook (it obviously works), and get some private detectives on the legislators, lawyers, judges, academics, govt officials etc that are driving the anti-family/anti-father movement and get whatever scandalous dirt you can on them and publicize it to discredit them. That way you can deal with it from top down (legislation) and bottom up (the foot soldiers). Otherwise I'm not hearing and seeing much that's effective from the various men's right's groups and Glenn Sacks, bless them all for what they do, though. Seems that's the only realistic way to pursue a political and social agenda in this country anymore, we know the system in general as the Founding Fathers set it up has been hijacked for all of us regardless of political orientation. So much for we the people.