Saturday, December 12, 2009

New motions are banned

One of Cmr. Josephs actions on Thursday was to ban me from making any more motions to see my kids. His order said:
4. Until completion of the Psychological Evaluation and receipt of report therefrom, neither party shall file any Motion or OSC for Modification of Custody and Visitation absent changed circumstances. Mere passage of time is not considered a changed circumstance. Any violation of this paragraph may result in sanctions as an abuse of the court process.
For two years, he has refused to appoint a psychologist to do an evaluation, and now he says that I cannot make any motions until the evaluation is completed!

I have never heard of anything like this. We had a custody trial, and the only permanent order was for joint custody. One day Cmr. Joseph sends the cops to my house to seize my kids. He issues temporary orders pending an evaluation. But he refuses to order the evaluation. And now he says that it is an "abuse of the court process" to ask the court to let me see my kids.

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