Thursday, December 10, 2009

Commissioner clarifies his order

My ex-wife were back in court today before Cmr. Joseph in a special court session just for us. She was about ten minutes late.

Cmr. Joseph said that he read all the papers, except for my ex-wife's lengthy exhibits, and he still claims to have an inability to appoint a psychologist to evaluate us. He wanted us to go back to a psychologist that we had previously agreed on. He ordered that no more motions be made until the evaluation is done. If we do not agree on an evaluator soon, then he will ask each of us to nominate a list of psychologists, and he will appoint an expert to choose from our combined lists.

This makes no sense to me. The evaluator is just a court-appointed witness under the law. So why can't the court just appoint someone? He is willing to send the cops to seize my kids without my permission, so why does he need our permission to select a witness?

He issued a couple of pages of clarifications, which don't really clarify anything in my opinion. I hope the psychologists finds them helpful, so we can have the evaluation. More on this later.


Anonymous said...

George, I just found your blog. I've read through half a dozen posts and can't be left with anything else but wonder... how can & why do you spend so much life blood & energy in being so angry? I mean, you're not just angry about your own situation but you look at other situations & make them your own, to be angry about, too.

Dude, you're wasting so incredibly much of your life being pissed off. Is that what you really want to do with your existence here on earth? Publically talking about your ex-wife like this... airing your "dirty laundry" in public like this... I mean, it's just bad karma, George. Totally bad karma.

Go find some peace, man. If you don't, you're going to probably die early of a heart attack, bleeding ulcer, stroke or some other stress-related disorder.

Go find another woman to have in your life... one who will make you incredibly happy... and just wait for your kids to become of legal age. They'll come around. They won't forget who their dad is. But for now, enjoy life cos it's too damn short to do anything else.


BusyHandz said...

George - Anonymous is an idiot.

BusyHandz said...

Oh, I meant to also say that I spent 2 years with Junk Justice Joseph overseeing my case. My ex perjured himself and admitted it in trial. Instead of sanctioning my ex, JJJ chewed me out and abruptly ended our trial before we were done presenting evidence.

As bad as JJJ is, I'm thinking my case is infinitely worse now that my case was transferred to another ocunty. We have been BANNED from court altogether.

Try having your case heard with no court reporter, no witnesses, no hope of an appeal, no access to justice AT ALL, and your pseudo-judge-who-acts-like-he's-your-ex's-attorney is more arrogant and corrupt than JJJ.