Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sarah Palin's granddaughter

You can find some documents on the child custody fight between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston here. Palin is demanding sole custody and making a bunch of ridiculous accusations. For example:
Sarah Palin's daughter hints in court documents that Levi Johnston, the father of her son, may have issues with marijuana use.

Bristol Palin's petition in a heated custody battle over 1-year-old Tripp refers to statements Johnston allegedly made on Twitter about seeking "weed."

Johnston has denied the allegation, claiming he doesn't even have a Twitter account.


BusyHandz said...

pfft. as if using marijuana would prevent the father from gaining custody (at least not in Santa Cruz).

I recall a case a few years ago in which there was a pretty heated custody battle because the father, who was a habitual, persistent and unabashed marijuana user, wanted to move with the young children to the East Coast. He won his case and the mom was left behind, paying huge child support and not getting to see her children.

I feel sorry for the kids. Always.

Unknown said...

The Twitter account WAS faked. I've been reading about this on several Alaskan blogs. This has Sarah's fingerprints all over it. Like mother like daughter.

Levi has been repeatedly rebuffed in his attempts to see Tripp. Bristol even is trying to erase his name by calling Tripp by the surnames Johnston-Palin and just plain Palin.

George said...

I figured that the Twitter account was faked. But it would not matter to me anyway. Is there some law hat says that a dad loses his parental rights if he says something inappropriate on Twitter? What if Sarah Palin says something inappropriate in a political debate? I do not believe that any of these things should be considerations.