Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dad loses to vindictive judge and shrink

Here another angry dad site:
My name is Dan Brewington and I have put this website together to help bring awareness to the problems with the family court system. On August 18, 2009, I lost all parenting time with my 3 and 5 year old daughters without warning. Prior to August 18, 2009, my children had not been away from either parent for more than four days. There were no allegations of abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, adultery, or neglect. ...

In the August 18, 2009 Final Decree, Judge James D Humphrey wrote, “Because of the potential danger to the children, Husband must remove all postings created by him from the internet concerning the children before any unsupervised visitation may commence and or/continue.”
It appears that his custody evaluation was not so bad, and it said worse things about his ex-wife. But it was sloppy, and he asked to see the case file. Then the psychologist accused him of being “potentially dangerous”. The only real danger was to their reputations, because his web site documents what they did it court. In short, they are vindictively punishing his kids because he was embarrassing to them.

I admire this guy for having the guts to expose his story on his web site. Most parents get shamed into keeping quiet. But this is the internet age, and more and more of these stories are going online, despite efforts to stifle them. These are not isolated stories. The public is going to learn more and more about the illegal, immoral, unjust, sloppy, vindictive, malicious, corrupt, and cruel practices of the family court.

Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph keeps claiming that he does not read this blog. His last order said:
The Court reaffirms its position that father's right to his blog cannot be interfered with. The undersigned does not read father's blog.
I don't know why he said this, as there was no motion before his about my blog. The psychologist cannot figure out his order either, and there is supposed to be a conference call on Thursday.


Dan Brewington said...

Thanks for sharing my story. Keep the battle public; that's the only way the children will win in the end.

Anonymous said...

best to you both, George and Dan, thanks for keeping this stuff out in the open, the cockroaches just hate sunlight, though shining a light on them is only the start to a long hard fight to change things. But it's a good start.

Anonymous said...

Milo, you're right, it seems at least here in Santa Cruz County there's some sort of "network" or ?? that a lot of women seem to tap into as many of the same tactics are used time and time again here. I know of several other dads here who've had very similar stunts pulled like George (including me). Where is this information coming from? Lawyers? Women's shelters? CPS/social workers? Magazines? Well, I guess it's not unique to CA, Dan in IN just posted his travails here and they sound awfully similar.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend's ex wife is a part time traffic judge. She misuses her power to threaten, slander, and intimidate us. He is giving up his good business and moving to another state to get away from her. He has filed a restraining on her in February 2010 and it has not worked. She thinks its a joke. Her name is Kelly Crow Saucier of Richmond, TX. I am reporting her to the State Judicial Commission who is very interested in the case.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kelly Crow Saucier goes down in flames, she is a real piece of...work

George said...

Milo's comment was:

True. There are so many stories of fathers whose custody is held by the court as collateral for keeping his mouth shut. As someone whose writing and artwork was used against him in family court, I know. Every word I publish, every image I paint, has to be benign enough to retain custody. I look forward to the day that my child is old enough to make her own decisions, when I can unleash a true and accurate account of the family court racket that ruins the lives of children every day.

But the family court is a bureaucracy within a larger problem. My generation of man-hating mothers see the courts as a convenient resource to rely upon when they're dissatisfied with their personal lives. They've been trained to believe that a court will solve their interpersonal relationship problems.

George said...

Thanks for exposing the unfairness of the family court system. It's been my experience that the family court system doesn't want any light shined on some of the very un-just things that it does. I really like the fact that with the internet there is the ability to speak the truth. It's my experience that a bad judge can make very biased and very unjust decisions just because he/she wants to do so. If they are slick enough to weasel word things correctly, your ability to appeal these bad decisions are also very limited. In my case, when I consulted an appeals attorney, I was told that an appeal can cost minimally between $10-40 thousand dollars and the likelyhood of winning is around 3 to 5 percent. Even with solid legal grounds to win, you have to weigh the costs of winning. You could easily spend $40,000.00 just to win back $30,000.00. In effect, you may have won your case where you were terribly wronged in the court, but you ended up losing thousands of dollars in the process. It's my opinion that the judges and the family court system really don't want their decisions viewed for the world to see. They don't want to be exposed for the lack of justice that comes from their court room. They don't want the public to see the bias, unfairness, and lack of logic, sound reasoning, and unequal application of the law that is contained in their decisions. I applaud your standing up this unfairness. Good luck in your battle with this. My heart goes out to you.