Wednesday, September 30, 2009

American arrested in Japan for snatching own kids

A reader sends this AP story:
TOKYO - An American father was arrested in Japan after snatching his children from the hands of his ex-wife, who had taken the kids to her native country without telling him.

The back-and-forth exposes a simmering diplomatic dispute over Japan's traditional favoritism toward mothers in custody battles. While the father was apprehended by Japanese authorities, a U.S. court has issued an arrest warrant for the mother. ...

Japan has yet to sign the 1980 Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, which seeks to ensure that custody decisions are made by the appropriate courts and that the rights of access of both parents are protected.
If you are letting your spouse take your kids to a foreign country, I guess you'd better make sure the country has signed the 1980 Hague Convention.


Anonymous said...

you know my friend, they've backed you in a corner to the point where you're having to argue with yourself, sort of.

you're forced to desperately seek this, ninth evaluator, while you've demonstrated that they're unreliable, and untrustworthy, in general, and NOT HELD TO ANY SCIENTIFIC STANDARDS !!!

remember, they always review all the previous reports ? this in itself, pretty much invalidates their findings, right ? also, why a ninth A NINTH EVELUATION ?? WHAT GOOD DID THE FIRST EIGHT DO FOR ANYONE ???

i'm completely supportive of you, and like i said, they've backed you into this corner, so i don't know what i'd do in your situation, either.
good luck with it all. god bless you and your kids.

Anonymous said...

Frightening. Every dad who has been through a custody battle lives in fear of his children being taken to another state or country by their mother (who seems to be awarded primary physical by default...why is that?). It seems perfectly acceptable to the court, as they often remind fathers that a mother can live anywhere she wants to. Sure, fathers have the right to protest, but you know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

And many mothers live in fear that their Ex will snatch kids and take them to another state or country. It's happened. Don't make this a contest to see who is worse off, mothers or fathers.

Anonymous said...

More anonymous non-substantive drivel. Anyone who has been to family court knows that there is an extreme bias against fathers, and that the family court creates thousands of deadbeat dads every year. Even Judge Judy said it herself on Larry King Live. There is no contest as to who is worse off. That is why blogs like this exist. Typical of people to look at the exception to a rule in order to formulate an opinion.