Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mom hides boy in crawl space

A reader sends this story:
BENTON, Ill. - A 6-year-old boy whose mother is accused of hiding him in a crawl space for nearly two years whenever visitors arrived will remain in state custody while he gets counseling meant to eventually reunite him with his father.

Franklin County Circuit Judge Kyle Vantrease turned away Michael Chekevdia's request to take temporary custody of his son immediately, ruling Tuesday that Richard Chekevdia needs help to gradually process his "traumatic" ordeal.

Ricky and his mother, 30-year-old Shannon Wilfong, vanished in November 2007. They were found Friday hiding in a small crawl space in his grandmother's two-story home in southern Illinois.

Vantrease scheduled a Nov. 23 hearing to resolve the custody issue, suggesting that by then the boy's progress in counseling and efforts backed by state child-welfare workers to reunify him with his dad could be measured. Until then, the boy will remain with a relative of Michael Chekevdia's in Marion.

The judge refused - with the state's blessings - any access to him by his mother, who often sobbed during the 75-minute hearing and insisted she'd done nothing wrong.

"You're making me sound bad. It was not like that at all," she interjected at one point. ...

"He referred to (his dad) as a monster," Anderson said. "I can only speculate he'd heard that from the people he'd been around the past two years."
The mom kidnaps the boy, hides him in a crawl space for two years, falsely alienated him from the dad, and claims that she has "done nothing wrong"! Only a crazy mom could be so deluded.

Note that the dad still does not get the boy. He has to wait 2.5 months before he even gets to beg the court to get his own boy back.

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