Saturday, September 05, 2009

Dear Abby ignores father

Here is today's letter to Dear Abby:
DEAR ABBY: My daughter, "Libby," is about to be married. It's her third trip to the altar, and her stepfather and I are not in favor of the marriage. After her first marriage -- to a wonderful man -- she had an affair with a married man who became husband No. 2. Within five years, she began another affair with a married neighbor. They are both now divorced and plan to be married later this year in a big church wedding.

My husband and I do not want to attend, but Libby has threatened to prevent us from seeing the grandkids if we don't accept husband No. 3 into our family.
Note that the good man who is the father of those grandkids seems to have no say about whether those kids see their grandparents. Dear Abby advises caving in to this extortion.

We have unilateral (aka no-fault) divorce in the USA, but that should not mean that the mom gets to cut off the kids from dad and the grandparents. The mom should have no more power to make such a demand than the dad.

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