Wednesday, October 07, 2009

You cannot beat CPS

A Dallas newspaper reports:
This much of the story is simple: On Aug. 10, 2004, in Dallas, a woman named Tracy Rhine gave birth to a daughter who tested positive for cocaine and the hallucinogenic drug PCP.

Six days later, Child Protective Services removed the baby and sought to terminate Rhine's parental rights.

From there, things get complicated. Whenever the state takes a child from a parent, it has a one-year deadline to either terminate parental rights or return the child. A six-month extension can be granted, which occurred in the Rhine case.

When the state and Rhine went before a judge in January 2006 to decide whether she met conditions to be a good parent, the judge decided she had substantially complied with the requirements.
The mom won her court case, but did not get her child back. CPS conspired with the foster parents to file a new lawsuit in another county, where the mom would not get a free lawyer to defend herself.

This sounds like Double Jeopardy to me. The state should not be able to bring a case against a parent for being unfit, lose, and then bring the same case again under different pretenses.

That one-year deadline is just a federal monetary incentive. The feds pay the state $5k or so for each child adopted within the time limit. It gives CPS a financial incentive to take children away.


Anonymous said...


once again you've proven that you are or strive to be fair and balanced, supporting justic, rights, liberty and the constitution and PARENTS, not just dads.

this is consistent with your posting regarding the police taking away the mother who was caught breast feeding while having been drunk, to some degree.

it's so simple and easy for some of your readers to comment that you're one-sided or biased, or some sort of poor loser, etc.

please continue to do as you have. demonstrate what the system does to manipulate american parents, children, families, etc in it's efforts towards financial gain.

thank you for what you do.

George said...

I defend the rights of dads and moms against govt bureaucrats. If there is anything to be learned from this blog, it is that the govt should not be interfering with parents rearing their kids, unless some crime is committed.