Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Local courthouse cannot handle appeals

I have an appeal pending, but it is constantly getting screwed up. The county used to be entirely in Santa Cruz. About a year ago, the family court moved to Watsonville. Most of the other court functions are still in Santa Cruz, including the appeals clerk.

This seems to be hopelessly confusing to the staff. No matter how I address the envelope, any paperwork I send ends up in the wrong place. Sometimes the paperwork bounces back and forth between the two offices for as much as three weeks. Sometimes a clerk calls up and asks me what to do with the paperwork. I've had to send replacement checks because checks were lost.

I am at a loss to understand how their system could be so messed up. Am I the only one who ever appeals anything? Are all appeals this confused?


Anonymous said...

you are not dealing with the best and the brightest.

Anonymous said...

hope they aren't cashing those lost checks, seems everyone in this system has their hand out one way or another. And your tax dollars pay for this corrupt incompetence as well. Talk about insult to injury.