Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Protesting dad is arrested reports:
Donald Tenn, the Sacramento father who traveled to Washington DC recently for a rally to confront President Obama on his "fathers need to step up" comments, will be in a Columbus, Ohio courtroom Monday morning on charges related to his 4 day protest on a 175' construction crane last year.
Here is what the man says:
I hear the same story from fathers in every state. I've traveled the country and have seen it myself. I challenge anyone to sit in any family courtroom, in any city, in any state, for one hour on any day of the week. They will see that the war on fathers is real.
He is right.

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Anonymous said...

very interesting story, well worth hitting the hyperlink to read it in full. Why isn't this story in the mainstream media? And I thought CA had cornered the market in horrible family court judges, but the more I read and research, the more I find it isn't so. Can you imagine what would happen if this guy was the one moving out of the state w/his daughter like his ex did?

The South County Kid