Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cruelty to a 4-year-old child

The San Jose paper reports:
Advocates of international adoption are furious over a new federal policy related to tuberculosis testing that could disrupt plans for families adopting children from China and Ethiopia.

The policy already has forced one distraught couple from Virginia, Jay Scruggs and Candace Litchford, to leave China without the daughter they had spent two weeks bonding with.

"That was a cruel thing to put a 4-year-old child through," Litchford said in a telephone interview Monday. "How is she supposed to trust us now?"
The newspaper followed this up with an editorial in favor of abolishing TB tests for such kids, even tho immigrants have caused the county to have the worst TB rate that it has ever had.

It may be sad that some couple had to postpone seeing some kid that they spent two weeks bonding with, but the kid was not a daughter. The kid was just a proposed adoptive daughter who had not been tested for TB yet.

Meanwhile, I spent ten years bonding with my two daughters. They are my real two daughters. They are US citizens, and they do not have TB. And yet they have been taken away from me. The authorities have been 1000x more cruel to my kids than to the Chinese girl. Where are the editorials about American girls losing their real dads?


Anonymous said...

what's interesting is that in the article the spokesperson for the CDC conceded that TB transmission from a 2 y/o or younger is very slight, they still went ahead w/this. That's a ruling that's based at least on science, even though the stats are against a problem. On the otherhand, we've a lot of what can charitibly called pseudoscience, if there's any at all, used to separate dads from their kids, male and female. Where are the data that supposedly classic male traits are hazardous to children? Takes both parents, male and female, and the best of what they have, to raise kids properly. Edisonian empiricism bears this out.

Anonymous said...

Great point... Where are the editorials over the many injustices that men face including: a corrupt divorce court system, a corrupt family court system, unconstitutional VAWA, unconstitutional IMBRA, women child murderers with impunity, women child abusers with impunity, false rape accusers with impunity, Etcetera… where’s the outrage???

No matter the atrocities, men are expected to “just take it”.

Scott said...

Here is another fathers experience that may be of interest