Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exposing child support

This is Child Support Awareness Month in California. The announcement says:
Children have the right to be supported by both parents – financially, medically and emotionally. State and local child support program staff are committed to ensuring that California's children are given every opportunity to obtain these rights uniformly throughout the state. In 2008, the program collected $2.3 billion and served more than 1.8 million children.
I say that children have a right to live with both parents, and to be under the parental authority of both parents. Instead, the state welfare agencies provide financial incentives for the moms to divorce their husbands, collect welfare, and let the state fund its bureaucrats under the guise of child support reimbursement.

I don't where those figures come from, or what they mean. This 2004 page says we have 1.8 million California families collecting food stamps.

I do think that we need more child support awareness. If more people understood how the system worked, maybe it would get abolished. In particular, more people need to know that no child support money is ever required to be spent on the kids.

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Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that while spousal support is tax deductible for the guy, child support is counted as tax-free income to the mother, which helps explain some women's incentive to take full custody of the children from the father. Follow the money.