Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just served with more papers

A process server just delivered some more legal papers from my ex-wife. There appears to be no end to her demands.

Meanwhile, I have to appear in family court tomorrow morning. Here is what I filed with the court:
Opposition to sealing records

I oppose Julie’s motion to seal the Sally Mitchell testimony, for all the reasons that were stated in my brief for the Oct. 8 hearing, as well as in my currently pending appeal.

If this court considers sealing the records, then I request a hearing under California Rule 2.550 in order to comply with that rule, to make the necessary factual determinations, and to determine which pages must be included in the public file.

If confidentiality of the records is already required by WI §827, as Julie claims, then it is under the authority of the juvenile court. Julie should be required to produce whatever order from the juvenile court allowed her to file these records with the family court, and demonstrate whatever restrictions came with that other. This court has no jurisdiction over that matter.
This relates to my trial next week. I guess she has to get the records sealed before I can be jailed for disclosing them.

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