Saturday, October 25, 2008

Elkins Task Force

I have commented before that the Elkins task force has the potential to recommend some useful reforms to the family court. Someone just forwarded this to me:
As part of the statewide Elkins Family Law Task Force the Santa Cruz Superior Court has been asked to participate in two Family Law Focus groups, one in English and one in Spanish to take place at the Watsonville Public Library the first week of November during the noon hour. The litigants participating can be represented or self represented litigants. Litigants will be asked about their overall experience with family law proceedings therefore the focus groups need litigants who are at least half way through their court process (for instance a divorce). The only family law case types that can not participate are DV only cases and adoptions. Each litigant will received a $75 gift card. Attached are brochures regarding this project, English and Spanish.

If you have any clients interested please have them contact the focus group consultant directly, e-mail is preferable. The consultant will screen for eligibility and give the specific dates of the focus group. Her name and contact information is:

Christine Kalinowski
(310) 339 3969
This appears to be an opportunity for public input.

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