Friday, October 24, 2008

Found in contempt and awaiting sentencing

I am now the first person in American history to be found in contempt for disclosing the evidence that was presented against me publicly in open court.

Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph seemed to regret that he let Tuesday's trial get out of control, and today he just wanted my ex-wife to testify that she downloaded the CPS testimony from my website, and to interrogate me under oath.

After confirming that the case against me had finished being presented, I made a motion to dismiss the charges. I gave a list of facts that were not under dispute, and then explained how there is no way to convict me under those facts.

I got into a little argument with Cmr. Joseph over whether I had to testify. At first, he refused to rule on my motion until I committed myself to telling him whether I was going to testify. If I was going to testify, then he did not want to rule on my motion until I finished testifying. I told him that I was undecided on whether to testify, and I would tell him after he rules on my motion. He eventually relented, and ruled against my motion.

I then declined to testify, and he found me guilty of one count of contempt of court.

I expected him to sentence right then to five days in jail, but he announced that he was supposed to wait a minimum of six hours and a maximum of five days before sentencing. We already had court appearances scheduled for Nov. 5 and 10 on other matters, but those were not within the allowable time frame. So we would have to make an extra trip into court for sentencing, unless I waived the time limits. I asked him whether he would have the bailiff immediately handcuff me and throw me in jail if I waived the time limits, and he said no, that only happens in the movies.

So I waived the time limits. Cmr. Joseph then indicated that he was in no hurry to sentence me, and may not sentence me for months. In the meantime, I have to purge this blog of quotes from the CPS agent.

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