Friday, October 31, 2008

Response to a reader

A reader commented:
Perhaps all of the experts might know more about what is best for the children than you. ... You need to take a long, hard look at your life and ask yourself why would the courts rule against you again and again. These people have years or training and education ...
We have been to about ten experts in connection with this divorce case, and not one of them ever suggested that I should be separated from my kids. Only Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph has ever said that.

They did not all have training and education either. CPS social worker Sally Mitchell did not testify that she had any special training or education. She never went to college, as far as I know. Bret K. Johnson did have some sort of education as a psychologist, but his only expertise was in talking to gay men about getting out of the closet. Neither of them presented any credentials when they testified.

I would tell you exactly what Sally Mitchell said, but Cmr. Joseph and Julie Travers made an out-of-court deal to prosecute me if I did. I will tell you when the appellate court reverses Cmr. Joseph's orders.

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