Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Judge lets ex-wife seal evidence

I had to show up in court today to oppose my ex-wife's motion to seal CPS testimony. I argued that if the testimony is subject to the confidentiality requirement of the Welfare Code, then an order of the juvenile court is required. Otherwise, he must comply with Rule 2.550.

He refused to comply with Rule 2.550, and refused to accept the necessity of the juvenile court either. In the end, he said that the motion was unnecessary because he can seal whatever testimony he feels like sealing anyway.

Cmr Joseph said that he was taking the latest psych report out of the public file, and putting it in one of the confidential manila envelopes. I complained that the clerk does not let me see the contents of those manila envelopes. He said that he previously gave me permission. I guess he never told the clerk about it. He said that next time the clerk will let me see the confidential envelopes. I guess that he put some sort of marking on the file indicating his permission. He explained that sometimes those envelopes will have the street address of a parent, and the other parent may not be allowed to see that.

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