Friday, March 28, 2008

Clarifying the court orders

A reader wrote that my description of the court orders is confusing. Comm. Irwin Joseph did not issue any new orders to us in court last week. What he did was to give us copies of an order that he issued to Elizabeth Lee back in January. That order was for Ms. Lee to do a child custody evaluation. She wrote to the court that she was unable to do it.

I don't know he didn't give us copies of the order back in January. Maybe it was an oversight on the part of a clerk, I don't know. The order is now obsolete, as Ms. Lee is not going to do it.

So why was Comm. Joseph giving us copies of the order on Friday? Because he was urging us to find another psychologist. If my ex-wife and I were to find and agree on another psychologist, then presumably Comm. Joseph would issue another order with that shrink's name on it. We were getting a copy of the previous order so that we can tell the new shrink what he would be doing.

I have tried calling some psychologists, but Comm. Joseph's wishes are still hopelessly ambiguous. My ex-wife and I will probably have to go back to him for another order.


Anonymous said...

Get a copy of the transcript, write your own order, submit it to your wife, give her ten days to work out an order, then submit the agreed on order to the court. If you can't agree, submit your own order. If you can't draft an order from the transcript, find someone who meets the qualifications of Lee and move the court to designate that person as the evaluator. If you and your ex-wife can agree on an evaluator then submit that persons qualifications to the court as a stipulation and avoid an extra court appearance. Don't wait.

George said...

The judge did not order anything last week, either orally or in writing. All he did was to give us a copy of an obsolete written order that he should have given us in January. There is no order to submit.