Sunday, March 16, 2008

AngryMom complains about blog again

My ex-wife just filed this with the court:
II. Child Custody Evaluation
A. Receipt of List of Child Custody Evaluators

We received a list from this Court of possible child custody evaluators. I called 12 Ph.D. psychologists, most of whom have received court training. The main, if not sole impediment for each psychologist who was available to perform a child custody evaluation was not wanting to become involved with George and his blogsite,

However, there was one local psychologist who was willing to perform a child custody evaluation, despite the blogsite. He stated that if we weren't able to find anyone else, then he would consider performing the evaluation. (He had a full case load at the time I called, and said that we would have to wait a few months.) However, I hesitate to mention his name because of George's proclivity to vilify people involved in our case on his blogsite.

George's blogsite has been the main problem in finding a qualified psychologist to perform a child custody evaluation. In order to move forward, George might consider permanently shutting down his blogsite in order that professionals might voluntarily become involved in our case. Otherwise, it doesn't appear likely that a child custody evaluation will be performed in the near future.
First, the web site is Not blogSITE, not blogSPIT, but blogSPOT. If that is too confusing, just type "angry dad" into Google or Yahoo. On Google, you can click "I'm Feeling Lucky".

Second, I don't vilify people. I just report on what they say and do in open court. Honest and reputable folks don't mind having their court statements quoted.

The real story is that most of these shrinks do unethical things in their child custody evaluations, and they hate public scrutiny. They don't like to testify in open court. They don't even like anyone reading their written reports. When possible, they try to arrange for their reports to be given only to the judge, and not even given to the parents themselves!

Many reputable psychologists have dropped out of doing child custody evaluations altogether, because they believe the whole business to be unethical.

When real experts testify in a real court, they have no objection to being quoted or written about. They stand behind what they say, and they are not afraid of public scrutiny.

Here is what I submitted to the court:
I got Comm. Joseph’s letter urging us to agree on a professional, and I got the enclosed 2004 Santa Clara county court list of mental health professionals who have completed domestic violence training. I called about twenty of them. Nearly all of them were unable or unwilling to do an evaluation. A couple of them were willing, but they told me that it would be impossible to an evaluation based on the limited instructions that I have from this court. For an example of the difficulties, many of those on the list are not licensed psychologists but rather MD, LMPT, or LCSW. It is unclear whether the court wants a licensed psychologist to do psychological tests. I was unable to determine whether anyone was competent to do an evaluation anyway. Therefore, I cannot recommend a replacement for Ms. Lee.
We appear in Commissioner Irwin Joseph's court on Friday. He will probably do something to try to offload the mess he has created. Maybe he will even appoint a shrink. But I doubt that Comm. Joseph will be willing to specify precisely what he wants the shrink to do.


Anonymous said...

Angry Dad, please don't shut down your blog, ok?

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You are my hero.........