Thursday, March 27, 2008

Calling evaluators

I tried calling forensic child custody evaluators, without much luck. The Santa Clara court list is years out of date, and many of the telephone numbers are no good.

Several have asked to see the court order, and have insisted that no one could get started without a written order. I just told one that I could send him the order, but he said that he could not possibly start unless he had in hand an order with his name on it. Otherwise someone might object later, he said.

I tried to explain that my ex-wife and I do not agree on custody, and someone will object no matter what he does. We are not agreeing to be bound to his recommendations. All he would be doing is making ammunition for yet another court trial.

All I have is the order that I got last Friday, with another psychologist's name on it. Most of it is boilerplate, with some boxes checked. The only individualized part is this addendum:
(You can click on the image to get an enlarged view.)

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