Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Filed appellate brief

I just filed my brief appealing my child support payments. I am complaining about the family court deviating from state guidelines. I sent 5 copies to the appellate court, 4 copies to the state supreme court, and a copy to my ex-wife. She is still trying to augment the official record, so perhaps I could have just waited until she finishes with that. The appellate court is a real stickler for procedural rules and deadlines, so I figured that it would be safer to file the brief now.

I tried to make an appointment with a lawyer for a consultation, but she said that she was all booked up, and just gave me instructions on filing for an extension. She said that if I write a 3-page letter listing a bunch of excuses, then I could get an extra 15 days. My guess is that the typical lawyer devotes a lot of energy to such silliness.

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