Thursday, June 01, 2006

Watching crooked lawyers

A reader says that the court has to make sure that attorney fees are really paid to outside paid attorneys, or else crooked lawyers would file a lot of frivolous lawsuits for which there is some hope of getting attorney fees. If courts make sure that attorney fees are paid to outside lawyers and at least two lawyers are in on a scam, then there is some chance that one of them will backstab the other.

I don't believe that the judge (Comm. Joseph) in my case has any interest in catching crooked lawyers. I caught my ex-wife's lawyer, Miss Jennifer J. Gray, lying under oath in order to defraud me out of some attorney fees, and the judge would not even let me have my constitutional right to confront the witnesses against me. His answer was just to pay her $10,000, no questions asked.


Anonymous said...

just stumbled across your blog,thanks for the info you provide.

i'm currently dishing out @1000.00 a month on cs.

which includes back pay,daycare expenses.

like to know if you have any info on virgina laws in ref to support and custody.

i'm looking to appeal the support.

Anonymous said...

You need to be on the look out for all kinds of crooked attorneys. The court appointed children's attorney had her hand deep in the pocket as did the forensic psychologist proving once again that money can buy anything!

Diary of Injustice said...

Crooked lawyers - one of the biggest drains on Society these days ... we have massive problems with crooked lawyers in Scotland, UK .. and with so much political muscle, it`s been hard to get any remedy against them but there is a fight to bring independent regulation to the legal profession and take it away from lawyer investigating lawyer ...

crooked lawyers lying under oath ? - they do it all the time !

Peter Cherbi