Wednesday, May 10, 2006

SubGenius mom

I commented before about the SubGenius mom who lost custody of her son because of some goofy pictures, and then got hit with a gag order.

Here is more info:
After reportedly receiving scads of unflattering emails, Punch admonished Bevilacqua in court for posting information about the case on her blog and issued a gag order, precluding her from publishing again. In imposing this restriction, however, Punch -- ever obsessed -- inadvertently revealed he’d violated the rules of evidence against viewing material related to a case that has not been entered into the official record -- which includes a litigant’s blog. Her lawyers asked Punch to recuse himself, which he did -- citing only, in Rachel’s words, "a number of factors" -- and has been replaced by the Honorable Eric R. Adams in Genesee County.
The picture of her wearing a papier mache goat’s head does look ridiculous, but not any business of the family court. Judge Punch probably thinks that the SubGenius folks are disrespectful of religion, and might be offended by the picture, but the son wasn't even involved.

I am a little surprised that the judge recused himself after reading the blog on his spare time. I always assumed that my judge could read my blog if he wanted to. I am not trying to get him to recuse himself because we only have one family judge in town. If he recused himself, I'd probably get some judge who is temporarily pulled off some felony criminal case.

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