Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day

The kids are with my ex-wife for Mothers Day. They would normally be with me this weekend, but she wanted them for Mothers Day. The kids were also working very hard on making a special present for her. They did most of the work at my house so that it would be a surprise. I am sure that she knows that they were working on something.

Last year I helped them make a Mothers Day present for her, and put a picture of it on this blog. My ex-wife complained to the court about that.

I don't mind letting her have the kids for Mothers Day, if that is what she wants, but she tried to claim that it was court-ordered. Well, maybe there is no explicit court order, she said, but she is sure that the judge would have ordered it if we asked him. I got the impression that she intends to ask the judge when we see him on Thursday.

I think that the judge should deny such a silly request. Mothers Day will be over by then. Yes, there will be another Mothers Day next year. I just don't think that the judge should be micro-managing our lives, even if my ex-wife asks for it.

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