Saturday, April 15, 2006

Woman jailed for contempt

Here is a long story about Dyandria Darel:
In October 2002, Manhattan Family Court Judge Helen Sturm sentenced Darel to three years in jail for contempt, finding she had violated those orders. Darel sat behind bars at Rikers Island for 28 months before her release, in February 2005.
She didn't even get a jury trial. That is supposed to be impossible in our system.


Anonymous said...

This is the right issue, but the wrong case. Darel's only evidence of sexual abuse was a photo. We have no information about the context, and the daughter herself denies the abuse, now. Darel is clearly unstable, and to be honest, would people have paid so much attention if she had been male?

George said...

I don't doubt that she is a nutcase. I just don't think that family courts should be throwing folks in jail. She deserved a trial, and the same rights that other criminal defendants have.