Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Deadbeat dad goes on rampage

Missouri story:
ST. LOUIS - A clerical error caused the state to assess a man who went on a shooting rampage last week five times more per month in child support than he actually owed, state officials acknowledged.

Herbert L. Chalmers, who shot four people to death before killing himself last week, told a sometime girlfriend he raped during the rampage that he was upset about his child support obligations. One of the victims was the mother of some of his children.

An error in data entry, made when more than 400,000 child support files were converted to a new computer database in 1998, increased Chalmers' monthly child support more than fivefold, said Deborah Scott, spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Social Services. ...

"Rape and murder are not rational responses to resolving one's concerns over child support obligations," Scott told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

On April 18, when Chalmers went on his rampage, the department was garnisheeing 50 percent of his paycheck - the state's top limit - for back support, Scott said.
There is no excuse for this. The bureaucrats should realize that there are limits to how much they can punish dads.


Anonymous said...

Keep on grinding 'em down until they're completely broken. Make 'em pay and pay some more. If one of them jumps up & goes postal, take the moral high ground with outraged rhetoric.

"Rape and murder are not rational responses to resolving one's concerns over child support obligations." No kidding.

George said...

The bureaucrat even had the nerve to blame the father for not detecting the error himself and figuring out how to petition to have it corrected. The bureaucrat responsible for this problem should be fired.

HeligKo said...

I just had my income withholding screwed up for the last 3 paychecks. The person who screwed it up was fired, but there hasn't been any fix to it. With the Federal furlough, I have been living on very little money for the last few weeks. My ex had the nerve to compare this to the $200 in the arrears I was in over the summer because of the timing of the IWO and my check arriving. Face it, so long as we pay child support, we are just indentured servants to our ex-wives through the device of our children's best interest.